Participation in small and middle enterprises:

The VC Company can participate in small and medium sized enterprises according to the principles imposed on it in the Federal Republic of Germany as a silent partner or as a regular shareholder. The quiet participations have to be paid 6% interest plus a profit dependent compensation in the amount of 2% p.a. of the participation amount p. a The balance sheets presented (checked) are basis of the investment decision. The quiet participations are by guarantee declarations of the managing director/companion of the respective participation recipient about saved. The investor should be conscious that these plants contain certain risk factors. There therefore isn't any guarantee that losses cannot arise from the acquisition of quiet participations and it isn't sure either that the investment objectives of the VC Company are always achieved with the conclusion of the quiet participation. To determine the value of the quiet participations and make the successful execution of the participation contracts possible, the VC company has imposed the participation principles listed following on herself:


Participation principles:

If you are the owner or partner/managing director of a small or medium-size enterprise are and are interested in a silent partnership with Knorr Venture Capital Group Inc., please study the participation principles and participation agreement complete the guide to Capital and enclose the requested documents and proofs . send both to our representative in Germany.


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