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Transactions applying to shares spoken of on this website must be based on the respective supply document, which refers to the specific transaction (for example our leaflet or other applicable trading conditions). A copy of the leaflet as well as the latest annual accounts and possibly copies of archived interim reports for the Knorr Venture Capital Group INC. can be obtained from the Knorr Venture Capital Deutschland GmbH Möschwitz, Voigtsgrüner Str. 13 D 08543 Pöhl.


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• Past value developments don't necessarily represent future value development.

• The value of businesses and the income achieved from them can both fall and increase and is not guaranteed.

• The possibility exists that you will not receive in return the full amount that you invested.

• Changes of the currency exchange rates can lead to a rise or fall of the value of the business.

• Value fluctuations can be particularly strong in cases of shares with a high volatility and the value of a business can fall suddenly and on a considerable scale.


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